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Vintage Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Inspired Jewelry Guide

Vintage Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Inspired Jewelry Guide

In the early twenties, brothers Walt and Roy Disney created a cartoon studio that would eventually be recognized worldwide. Part of the studio's success was the creation of two iconic characters, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Though the duo has been around since 1928, their popularity has never declined. Today, they're still Disney's "it" couple and synonymous with the brand.

This explains why Disney fans are always on the lookout for accessories that illustrate Disney's two most inspired by creations. And what better way to do so than with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse-inspired pieces with a vintage flair? If we've piqued your interest, you have to take a look at our Silver Screen Collection.

What is the Silver Screen Collection?

Our Silver Screen Collection is a beautiful way to commemorate the past and keep the magic of Mickey and Minnie alive. Pieces are inspired by the signature couple's earliest appearances in vintage 1930s cartoons. Each one features remarkable details, like Minnie's traditional flower hat or Mickey in his top hat. Crafted in sterling silver, jewelry pieces ranging from rings and earrings to pendants, brooches, and bracelets positively exude the vintage Disney vibe.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver

Vintage Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse-Inspired Jewelry

Take a trip back in time with these glamorous vintage-inspired Mickey and Minnie jewelry creations.

Minnie Mouse Shoes Drop Earrings

Minnie Mouse Shoes Drop Earrings

Minnie Mouse knows you don't need a million accessories, just a few really great ones. Which may explain why she has never diverted from her fabulous yellow shoes. Crafted from sterling silver, these drop earrings allow you to invoke Minnie's timeless fashion sense. Topped with a feminine, very 1930s-esque bow, you'll instantly feel put-together and ready to turn heads!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Diamond Heart Necklace, Sterling Silver

Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Diamond Heart Necklace

Talk about relationship goals; Minnie and Mickey have been together for over ninety years! Along the way, our favorite mice have had their features adapted to the modern cartoon style, but this darling diamond pendant keeps it classic. The traditional silhouettes of Disney's sweetheart's dangle nose to nose below a diamond-embellished heart. Whether you and your significant other love hanging around like these two or cutting a rug, we think this would be a charming romantic gift!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Heart Print Band Ring, Sterling Silver

Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Heart Print Band Ring

Whether you want a wearable reminder of your special someone or plan on giving this ring as a token of your sentiment, it's beautifully touching. The eye-catching wide band offers plenty of room to show Mickey and Minnie in their vintage glory throughout their courtship. Playful yet stunning, this tribute to Disney's iconic duo is a celebration of lasting love. Plus, we adore that it is casual enough for everyday wear but also works as a statement piece when worn alone.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Charm Bracelet

Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are certainly having a moment (again), and we love it! Collect compliments as numerous as the cute charms on this bracelet when you don this piece. Six Mickey and Minnie-inspired ornaments delicately dangle from the fine sterling silver chain. Each one is a perfect representation of the cartoon duo’s most recognizable features. It is ideal for layering or wearing solo for a minimalist look.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Top Hat Ring

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Top Hat Ring

Mickey didn't always keep it casual; sometimes, he knew the moment called for bold style. You, too, can create a dazzling look with this sterling silver ring. Celebrate the legacy of Disney in style thanks to a sculpted Mickey Mouse head complete with a top hat and bowtie. You'll feel inspired to be brave and optimistic, just like Mickey, whenever you catch a glimpse of his treasured smile.

Celebrate Disney's Most Memorable Duo

Just as you can't ask a Disney fan to choose either Minnie or Mickey, we know selecting the perfect piece from our Silver Screen Collection can be challenging. This is part of the reason why we have so many unique pieces, so you don't have to decide! Mix a delicate charm bracelet with the cute studs or the bold ring with a statement brooch. The options are endless, much like Mickey and Minnie's beloved romance!

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