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Wear your happiness

Our Story

Jewelry brings people joy. That’s why people say “Yes!” and “I do!” and celebrate all of their special holidays with fine jewelry. But what about all the other days on the calendar? Those days really need some merry and happy too. That’s why we decided to create Disney Jewels: an affordable fine jewelry collection filled with the joy of Disney to make every day special.

We took some inspiration from Disney’s Seven Dwarfs and gathered some enchanted gold, silver and gems from our treasure chests. Our designers started sketching Disney’s Mickey & Friends sparkling with gems and joyful colors.

Our workshops got to work crafting beautiful Disney Jewels, adding happy thoughts to every sparkle and making sure every piece meets the high standards of quality you expect from Disney.

We made sure to create ways for you to add favorite colors and initials and your own happy thoughts too. So far, we can report our efforts to make fine jewelry more fun and more affordable have been a big success, increasing smiles for everyone who wears our pieces, even on Mondays.

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